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Michael G. Seamans/Morning Sentinel The Portland Theater Company is also offering an online holiday show with a production of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” available to stream from Dec. 15 to Jan. 3. According to Warner, safety was another factor staff at the opera house had to figure out before going forward with the production. “We had to go about figuring out what the best way to keep our performers safe was. A lot of professional theater companies might have the ability to keep 10 to 20 performers in a house and keep them isolated so that they’re not exposed,” Warner said. “But we don’t have that option because we’re a community theater, our performers come from all over the place, and they all have regular day jobs so they’re definitely exposed to lots of other people.”  Warner said that “Almost Maine” was the best production to choose from because it’s comprised of a series of vignettes that feature just two actors. “We were able to cast two different actors for each of the scenes, and we decided that the best way to reduce exposure was that we could rehearse and film all of those scenes separately from one another so that we didn’t have a lot of people in the building at one time,” Warner said. “Even further than that, we chose actors for each scene that were already in each others COVID pods or circles so we could really reduce exposure, … so most of our actors are married to one another.”   Warner said the cast and crew also rehearsed over Zoom during visit this link the beginning of the production. Central Maine theaters take cautious steps toward fall season “It’s different, it’s very, very different,” director Debra Susi said.